Bret Contreras’ Sexy Challenge!

Bret Contreras developed a challenge out there for anyone willing to top his numbers, and as a way to see who was the sexiest out there via exercises completed for reps. Click here for more details on the rules of his challenge, and the results of his challenge.

Here is my attempt at topping his number. (I counted my first hip thrust as one, which would have given me a full number of 80 reps completed. BC counted it as 79 :(. I’m still sexier than he is, because I beat his score of 75 anyway!)

Being judged is always a good way to come back stronger, faster, and with more precise technique. Also, it gives you proper feedback on how well you are performing, probably why I made a transition from bboying to powerlifting.
I probably shouldn’t have even done this, considering I’ve been following the 40 Day Program for the past 6 days already, and my CNS is fried to bits doing deadlifts everyday. But that would be just making excuses, and I hope that next year I do better (with better form and a stronger body!).

You’re free to try this challenge out, but the submission date is past already! If you can beat my score, I will send you an e-card with an e-cookie, congratulating the winner.


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