There is a lot of information on the internet that can be very confusing, both for the aspiring coach and trainer, and the general fitness enthusiast. At times, it is difficult to realize who is who, and what is what in regards to whether or not someone knows what they are talking about. For those who are looking to align themselves with those who walk the walk, I’ve dissected the fat and got straight to the meat of things in this short resource section. Since I fully believe in subscribing to only a few amount of “mentors” or smart people, I’ve intentionally made this list short. Don’t get it twisted however – there is no doubt a great handful of trainers and coaches that live outside of this list as well!


Strength & Conditioning

Jason Ferruggia – Renegade Strength & Conditioning

Eric Cressey – Performance & Health – On a Whole New Level

Kevin Neeld – Hockey Training and Athletic Development

Rehab and Performance

Mike Reinold – Rehab | Sports Medicine | Performance

Patrick Ward – Optimum Sports Performance

Charlie Weingroff – Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach

DVDs & Audio


Eric Cressey & Mike Reinold – Functional Stability Training

Charlie Weingroff – Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training

Michael Boyle – Functional Strength Coach 4.0


The Fitcast Podcast – Your Fitness and Nutrition Podcast

The Strength Coach Podcast – The Official Podcast of

The Paleo Podcast – Robb Wolf



Movement by Gray Cook

Bulletproof Knees by Mike Robertson

Muscles: Testing and Function with Posture and Pain, 5th Ed. by Kendall et al.

Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance by Stuart McGill

Athletic Development

[soon to be filled out]


The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

Inner Circle/Subscription Memberships

Mike Reinold’s Inner Circle

Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Inner Circle

Eric Cressey’s (and several others!) Elite Training Mentorship

Alan Aragon’s Research Review

Bret Contreras’ Strength & Conditioning Research Review – Members’ Forum


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