Kevin D:
Miguel was a huge help in reaching my goals: from developing an exercise program to working with me step by step to achieve strength in my lifts. He didn’t get frustrated when I wouldn’t do an exercise correctly – he would show me the correct way to do it. He also has a way of breaking down and explaining exercises so that anyone can understand.

As soon as I started to see results, I recommended Miguel to my friends. From guiding me nutritionally, to keeping me motivated at the gym, he helped me get the results that I wanted. It is tough to keep someone motivated every day of a program, but he was able to do this.  It is a rare quality that the best trainers possess, and he is one of the best that I’ve worked with.


Scott P:

Miguel refocused my entire training philosophy as well as techniques. From day one at least 50% of each training session was focused on flexibility and range of motion related to soccer & baseball.  The difference from start to finish has been remarkable and through these drills I have seen marked improvement in my ability to generate bat speed and power through my hips, legs, and core. 

 I’ve seen huge improvements in my weight lifting numbers from the time I’ve been training with Miguel. His emphasis on technique and exercises that target specific muscle group has allowed me to steadily build full body strength without concern of injury. Through his workout sessions, advice and feedback I have seen significant progress in the gym that has translated into great results in my post collegiate sporting endeavors.


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