Future Competitions

My upcoming meets (and following links):

March 17, 2012 – ADAU Bragging Rights (Push/Pull)

May 19, 2012 – RPS South Jersey Rumble 
– (May or may not go to this one because I want to get ready for the next one…)

August 11, 2012 – 29th Annual USAPL NJ State PL Championships

Respective Programs:
40 Day Program with a few weeks tweaked, taking into account the business of end of February/March.
6-8 Week Rotation on Technique for Back Squat/BP/DL (3-4 Time Per Week)
If not the above, then another 12 week cycle of Westside, working on weak points and bringing up technique (and hitting depth…!)


Edit: Future GOALS

Work on my form and technique on all the above lifts!

Back Squat Form
Deadlift form (keeping a nice anterior pelvic tilt, and big  chest out would improve my form greatly!)
Bench Press (prevent belly benching… maybe the fix is to work on lat work)
Incorporate single leg work (Single Leg Deadlift, Lunges, etc.)
Begin KB work (difficult to try when I need to buy heavier weights)

Some tips for myself: Don’t incorporate the belt. It’s a crutch. Only use it when you can do 365×5 for picture perfect form (Sumo).


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