Personal Updates and Changes for the Future!

Summer season almost drawing to an end, and people turning their minds towards the fall season ahead of them, I’d like to make a random, albeit necessary suggestion: keep your Vitamin D levels in check! Just because you aren’t outside, drinking some brews, getting a tan doesn’t mean you can’t get your requisite Vitamin D through supplementation. Read more HERE to get info on Vitamin D from

Anyway, some personal updates on my end:

After my powerlifting meet, I played around in the gym for a week, but hopped on the staff program that Endeavor Sports Performance is currently using. I was crushed the first two weeks in terms of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and just the sheer volume of the program, but the third week is flying by, and I’m crushing PRs. For a frame of reference, I had a gym personal record on my bench press about 2 weeks before the powerlifting meet of 250lbs at a bodyweight of approximately 155. This recent third week on the program I had a mindblowing bench day, where I pressed 245 with a 7 second negative for 5 singles (with an appropriate rest between each single). The lower body main lift involves stiff legged deadlifts, and RFESS. Admittedly I’ve never performed much of these exercises, let alone for a main focus during a program, but I’ve seen improvements quickly.

On a non-training related side note, I’m taking some pre-requisites for Physical Therapy school at a local college, and hope to begin that process in the next year. Not too much to be said other than getting the requisite classes done, along with the standardized tests. As much as I’d love to update the blog on the happenings of Chemistry II, the only update I can give is that personal updates will be few and far between this fall season. On that note of personal updates, I’ve also taken the liberty to volunteer some of my time to observe at a local physical therapy facility, and my personal aim is to come out of the facility more aware of the types of methodologies and populations that I’ll be facing in the years to come.

So between my time at Endeavor Sports Performance, physical therapy observation hours, and taking classes at the local junior college, and writing articles for this blog and other sites, I can say that my hands are indeed full. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the last season of Breaking Bad, so feel free to fill me in as time goes on. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop with articles on my approach on dancing, injuries, and how to work around them, but rather I’ll be focusing some of my energies on some other related fields.

In the mean time, with the advent of social media exhibiting even smaller attention spans, feel free to keep up with me on Twitter (@MiggsyBogues), and Instagram (@aramisun), along with my Facebook page if you haven’t done so already.


#HumanFlag at a Brazilian Meat Buffet

My most recent blog writings come through Tony Gentilcore’s blog, where I’ve written on the logistics of handling congenitally lax athletes and lifters. I also update the articles section whenever I write for an external site other than my own, so check that out if you aren’t a part of my social media following.

And lastly, I’ll hopefully be transforming this blog in the near future (3-4 weeks) to make this more official! Just have to polish a few things on the site and hope to get more content on that as things roll on.


Keep it funky.



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