Fitness Tech Day #3 –’s Supplement-Goals Reference Guide

How else can I review’s new product without being super objective? Kidding aside, when I first heard of’s efforts of documenting and reading research on supplements, I cringed – the mere thought of sifting through thousands of documents and articles in order to decipher the “truth” about supplements is difficult to do, let alone imagining the amount of hours spent at night on PubMed made me want to crawl into a fetal position and cry.

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Mobility and Stability Exercises to Include in Your Warm-Up

If you’ve ever tried to push your big three lifts to the limit (the squat, bench, deadlift), you will have to increase your volume at some point to push past your current weights. An increase in volume with moderate to high intensity (weight) will often leave your upper back, hips, neck, and shoulders feeling restricted due to the increase in volume.

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Morning Musings #9 – Iron Sharpens Iron, Mental Skills, and Triphasic Awesomeness

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.


I recently had the great benefit of enjoying the company of a group of individuals who are vested and/or employed within various positions in the fitness industry: coaches in collegiate strength and conditioning, coaches in semi-private fitness facilities, private personal trainers across several states, and everything between.

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Cranky Elbows and Recovery Methods in the Triceps

The long head of the triceps participates in many movements in programs that I write for clients and in programs for our athletes at Endeavor. It is an elbow extensor during pushing exercises, along with performing shoulder extension and adduction in pulling exercises. Whether you are an advanced lifter or trying out a new exercise, performing a pressing movement for the upper body, either bench pressing or push-ups, or doing a pull-up or rowing exercise, you’re going to be using the triceps, among several other muscles.

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Morning Musings #7 – The Big Rocks in Your Life

What are the big rocks in your life?


What are the ideas that define who you are?

Social media forwarding aside, the idea behind a big rock may have originated in a story or parable.

If you begin to become more aware of your surroundings and your actions, you can then begin to ascertain the big rocks in your life. You can always stress about the little minor details from day to day life, often referred to as minutia.

How does any of this relate to fitness, lifting heavy weights, and flipping in the air?

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