Morning Musings #10: 25 Lessons the Strength and Conditioning Industry Has Taught Me

Today I turn 25, and as I sit here drinking a greens and BCAA concoction, thinking back about 3 to 4 years ago at this same time when I was drinking a red bull vodka concoction, I would like to believe I’ve learned a thing or two about health, “fitness”, and what the strength and conditioning community has taught me professionally and personally.

I’ll save the ranting and waxing philosophical for the in-person brews, so here are some one-liners and other thoughts that I’ve come to realize from my journey as a strength coach, trainer, and fitness professional in the past year. Perhaps this is more of a list for me to reflect back on in a few more years, but I enjoyed coming up with this conglomeration of thoughts about the “industry” and life in general.



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