Fitness Tech Day #3 –’s Supplement-Goals Reference Guide

How else can I review’s new product without being super objective? Kidding aside, when I first heard of’s efforts of documenting and reading research on supplements, I cringed – the mere thought of sifting through thousands of documents and articles in order to decipher the “truth” about supplements is difficult to do, let alone imagining the amount of hours spent at night on PubMed made me want to crawl into a fetal position and cry.

The reality of the situation is that if you want to improve or enhance a certain feature within yourself, whether it is psychosomatic or physique related, you might utilize Google and its search engine features. And when you do utilize the amazingness that is the internet, you get several million hits – all contrasting in terms of advice. Run, don’t run. Eat red meat. Go vegan. Don’t eat wheat. Run from this organic broccoli.


Can you imagine trying to distill the amount of noise that is involved with supplements?

As a coach and trainer, I am often sourced for nutritional and dietary advice. While I can give the basics, knowing everything there is to know about every supplement is tasking just thinking about it.

Is fish oil good for you? How much?

Which vitamins should I take?

Is whey protein good to take?



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