Methods vs Principles in the “Industry”

As a coach, I am fortunate to come into contact with several types of people utilizing movement as their method of filtration. Whether it is guiding an athlete to gain weight for another successful in-season, or a client aiming to lose weight for an upcoming wedding, there are many avenues and paths that can be chosen.

In reality, there is always more than one way to skin a cat. The only thing that matters is that very act of deciding of where you are going to be in x amount of days, months, years. It matters less what type of method you choose to utilize in order to achieve that end goal, simply because if you choose to follow a principle, you’ll naturally follow the most efficient and direct method available to you and your logistics.

Do not mistake the method for a principle.

However, to the uninitiated outside of the fitness and S&C industry, what methods are available that also keep in mind this foundational knowledge? How can you avoid falling into the trap that is buzzwords and trendy/flashy pieces of (mis)information?



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