The Push-Up: Part 3 – The Overhead Push-Up

Ninjas, gymnasts, and Cirque du Soleil. What do they all have in common? Besides all things that I wish was or something I wish I partook in, they all utilize amazing forms of acrobatics and movements in their chosen art. The one movement I will focus on today is the handstand, and achieving the handstand push-up.

Before that, if you didn’t catch the first two parts of this series, find the following links to the previous portions of this series here and re-learn yo’self:

The Push-Up: Part 1 – Are You Doing These Common Push-Up Errors?

The Push-Up: Part 2 – Progressions

The movement can be broken down into two different aspects: first achieving the position of the handstand, and getting used to being upside down, and secondly moving through a full range of motion.

Before performing a handstand push-up, let’s begin with this easy test. No, not like a Karate Kid test, where I make you paint my fence and wash my deck for a few days. It is a lot easier than that.

It is a simple test of raising the arms overhead.

If you were to take a picture from the side, what would you look like?



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