What The Future Will Look Like

Recently there has been a large lack of direction in this blog, namely owing to the fact that I was like a tree in the wind, bending and swaying at whatever direction the wind (people’s expectations and reactions) blew.


I am slowly learning to take advantage of this wind, as opposed to swaying in its every twist and turn…

Generally speaking, the list of fitness and athletic topics is literally endless. I can talk about what foods to avoid if you want to lose fat (hint: it often involves a liquid that starts with ‘b’ and ends with ‘eer’.). I can also talk about what exercises to perform if you want to lose weight as well (hint: it often involves an exercise called table push-aways.).

And with that, I made a decision. I won’t be a generalist, as advice given to me previously from a mentor indicated that this is surely the best way to starve oneself.

So… what will I write about next?

I love all things involving biomechanics, dancing, and lifting.

I love reading about it. I love watching it. I love performing (dance) and lifting.

Now before you all get excited, I’m not talking about Magic Mike type of dancing.

I’m talking about breakdancing.




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