Fitness Tech #2 – Websites & Apps

I’m all about distilling information to its simplest format, while also keeping my ear close to the ground for the latest information within the fitness world.

When I’ve been running around job to job in the recent California-like weather, I’ve been approached by several Kate Upton-esque models about what apps and websites are en vogue that will help them on their journey to shed the winter weight and help them track all of the heavy weights they are lifting.

While the above scenario may or may not have actually occurred (a man can dream, can’t he?), several websites and apps have been brought to my attention that do deserve praise for their unique and innovative ways for anyone involved with the iron game and changing your body.

From running apps that track mileage, to calorie counters to track the amount of beers you drink, it admittedly gets confusing and tiring at the same time. So in order to fully distill the information, here are three awesome sites to check out.

Fitness Sites


FITOCRACY is a website that tracks the workouts that you do in the gym. I always advocate tracking your weights used, along with several other quantifiable factors.

The reason for this is because at times it is very tough to see the forest for the trees when you are starting your fitness journey, and this app keeps things in perspective.

If you are getting down because you aren’t seeing progress, and you see that you are using heavier weights for more reps than the previous month on a certain exercise, while also down 5 pounds – I call that progress, my friend.

Fitocracy - Miguel

If you’re going to join, be sure to follow me on there! I have fun leveling up and answering questions in the Powerlifting and Bodyweight Strength forums!

Examine is an amalgamation of all the supplements in a Wikipedia-esque format, along with covering various nutritional topics such as “Are eggs healthy?” and “Is diet soda bad for you?“.

The cool thing about this site is that you can search for various supplements and find out what evidence the research says about human based evidence (this is opposed to nutritional research that has been done on kangaroos in the Land from Down Under, and whether or not their broad jump increased), and even compares various studies against each other.

Now, if you’re not a self-proclaimed nerd about this information like myself, it still has application in the form of easy to find information within the “Search” bar along with down to earth, and easily digestible summaries.

Fitness Apps

Precision Nutrition (PN) is a progressive online-based nutrition company, with awesome information and products that I definitely subscribe to, as someone who loves to admittedly learn more, especially about nutrition and behavioral psychology. (Hint: Controlling what you eat is part psychology along with physiology!)

As a personal trainer and strength coach, I unfortunately cannot be everywhere at all times for my clients since I travel around quite a bit, and at times it is easier for them to perform exercises on their own for whatever logistical reasoning. As much fun as it would be to be in two places at once, I’m also not sure how they would react if I told them there was more than one of me to help train them and run around simultaneously, Multiplicity style.


With this in mind, PN has added an app to help resolve this dilemma, with the advent of their new app. Check out the accompanying videos, and learn how to get “fit” with this new app.

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