Morning Musings #2 – Fat Loss and Redefining What Exercise Means to You

It’s the first week of May, and with that comes the onslaught of “Oh crap it’s almost beach season!” mentality from everyone few far and between – myself included!

With the temperatures finally giving in to a more consistent reading, because let’s be honest who doesn’t love knowing whether to wear a parka or a tank, I’d say it is about time to don your fave  “Suns out, Guns out” tank top.

Suns Out Guns Out

Most recently, I’ve been working with a bootcamp full of desk jockeys, and they simply just wanted to move and sweat. With this notion, it is imperative to not only address getting off your butt and moving, but at the same time also increasing your awareness that what you put into your mouth will also affect how you look aesthetically.

In this morning’s musings, I’d like to go over a few more tips you can begin to use to initiate your fat loss journey.


1. When you buy groceries, prepare foods on the spot.
  • This goes with the assumption that you purchase foods during the weekend or that you have a bit more time after purchasing foods to “prep” meals beforehand.
  • The definition of prepping meals beforehand can range from chopping fruits and veggies and storing in convenient tupperware, to actually cooking full meals in anticipation for a busy work week.
2. Instead of restricting foods, think of replacing with healthy alternatives.
  • This tip is two-fold:
    • Gets rid of an obvious unhealthy food choice (fast food and/or that food truck on the street near your work).
    • “Replaces” the previous, habitual, food choice with a healthy alternative. Ideally, performed in conjunction with the previous tip of food preparation.
  • Further, Precision Nutrition, an online based fitness and nutrition company, recently posted a blogpost on studies done to weigh the efficacy of restrictive diet as a strategy, or if it resulted more in guilt tripping by the participants.
It’s a vicious cycle: A person intends to eat less, but fails in the attempt. Failure to eat less leads to guilt, and redoubled attempts to restrict – which, you guessed it, typically lead to more failure.
3. Treat your diet just as equally as your exercise.
  • In this article from, researchers go over the efficacy of diet, exercise, and the benefits towards placed importance of one change over another… The results?
…at the end of the year, the group that changed both diet and exercise at the same time was the only one that met the nationally recommended targets for both exercise and nutrition levels, while those who worked on improving their nutrition first were unable to meet the recommended levels of fitness after a year.
    • This is a common mistake that many folks make, as I feel that many focus on simply exercising more as a means for fat loss, simply because it is the “one thing” that they are not doing, and thus that is why they are not fitting into their small jeans from last year.
    • While noble in action, the idea for fat loss is to increase your metabolic rate on a grand scale, so attacking it simply from exercise, and everyone’s “definition” of exercise will vary, may not be the best bet.
4. Redefine what exercise means to you.
  • In conjunction with my previous post of understanding your perspective on exercise and nutrition, when you hear fat loss, you might envision someone running on a treadmill for hours on end.
  • The efficacy of treadmill running may not provide you the best host of benefits in comparison to a proper weight lifting and metabolic program. That is, many of the benefits of weight lifting outweigh running, from the cool physiological effects of increasing strength and hypertrophy (for starters), to increased calorie deficit for an extended time, in relation to yogging (silent J) as well.

In reality, if the thought of exercising wants to make you go to Happy Hour already, I’d imagine your first step should be to simply make an effort and just do something towards your fat loss goal. Walk on the treadmill everyday for 10 minutes. Walk outside and get some sunshine in your life. Once that habit is in place, then you can begin to look closer and see how you can expedite your fat loss journey.

Did you enjoy this blogpost on fat loss tips? Hate it? Love it? Please leave a reply telling me what you’d like to hear for the next post! I would love to hear any suggestions.

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