Morning Musings

Where have I been and what have I been doing?

I’ve been away. Or rather, stepped away from blogging consistently for a hot minute. I wanted to make sure that what I’m doing actually matters. My mentality has always been to act, act, act, and then take one step back and let the dust settle; to check out the proverbial aftermath of all of this action.

And it’s funny how a legitimate massage can help reset the nervous system and help clear my mind. I feel almost like the opening scene of Office Space – zoned out and apathetic, yet tranquil and serene at the same time.

Also, it is really amazing how wound up I was from the past year. I had so many demands placed on me, from not only a physical point of view, but definitely from a mental point of view as well. Working 60-70 hours a week while living in a relatively new area with zero comfort zone, moving twice in one year, along with a host of other items, has some deleterious distress, believe it or not. I’ve learned many lessons along the way since then, and I’ve since learned the amount of workload that I can handle before my brain begins to melt.

So after my internship, I hustled to find some local work, signed up for some classes at a local county college to clear some pre-requisites for DPT school, and started another internship at Endeavor Sports Performance. It’s been an awesome experience thus far, and the staff is really awesome and welcoming.

On top of that, I wrote a few articles for some websites, and I plan on writing a few more as well. Be on the lookout for those articles.

From a non-professional point of view, I was increasing my physical demands by increasing the intensity and volume of the big three lifts simultaneously to prep for a powerlifting meet (which ultimately fell through. I know – sadface because you can’t see me in my all my singlet glory).

Unfortunately, I had pulled or strained my right adductor on this 1RM squat, which would have been a PR.

(Can you tell at what point in the lift where I pulled my adductor?)

This ultimately prompted me to get the massage in the first place, as my right shoulder girdle was really aggravating me – think collarbone issues (I’m thinking it may be due my hypermobility issues overall), along with my hips and groin feeling all jacked up too.

So what does this ultimately mean for me?

Well, number one, I need to brush up on my chemistry, because re-learning enthalpy and molarity while working 30-40 hour work weeks is no fun.


Secondly, I sorely need to take a couple of weeks for corrective exercise work. My main exercise workload has involved high volumes and varying intensities of squatting, benching, deadlifting, and more squatting. Zero single leg work (besides the warm-up), and zero regard for my hypermobility issues. No wonder I’m hurting the way I hurt. Essentially, I know the limits that I have on my own body, yet I wanted to stay strict with one program and follow it to the tee. Now, I have to be a little more cautious with this, especially since I have some unique demands on my body that I am fully aware of now.

Thirdly, I am going to dial in my nutrition with the help of my former room-mate and boss, Brian Bott. He is an amazing coach, who not only holds two elite powerlifting totals in two different weight classes, but he is also now transitioning to compete in his first WNBF competition. And coincidence or not, he went to the same high school as me in South Jersey (but was a few years older than me), and I most recently helped to coach at his facility Shore Results that opened up earlier last year, before moving to Massachusetts and interning at Cressey Performance.

My only contention with this nutrition journey is that I’ve always had a skinny guy mentality, and whenever it crosses my mind that I need to lose a few pounds, I generally start to freak out. This is akin to me advising my fat loss clients,

Okay, we need to eat more food,
in order to lose more weight.”

 It seems so counterintuitive, but I have the power of knowledge knowing that it is the types and qualities of food that you eat that will help more so than the quantity.

Musings aside, I hope to get back on track now that my schedule is finally getting normalized!

Have you had a crazy schedule as of late? What were the ways in which you controlled the chaos? Drop a comment and share your story below.

Keep it funky,



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