Fitness Tech Day

In our modern world of push notifications and smart phone pop-ups, it is easy to lose your train of thought. Even when working, it is difficult to compile information without looking like a total klutz – multiple notebooks, sticky notes, emails, and everything few and far between scattered around amy designated work area. Whether it is the mark of a genius or not, I’m not sure. What I do know is that this reminds me of the Philosoraptor’s train of thought at times…

In the past, this is what I’ve personally used for notes or ideas:

  • Phone
  • Notebook (Composition, Spiral)
  • Training Program (printed)
  • Laptop – hard copy
  • Email
  • Sticky Notes
  • That roll of paper you use when you wipe your hands in the bathroom

While there is certainly good merits for having more than one back-up to a particular file, it is equally if not more frustrating having to leaf through multiple sources to locate that one file or idea that you wrote down for a later time. Especially that roll of paper from the bathroom. But I digress.

So what can we use to alleviate the multiple-source notebook? Let’s look no further than the consolidation king of apps, Evernote!

So you must be asking “What is Evernote?” and “What can it do for me that my other apps can’t?” or the more likely one “Why am I still reading this?”

Let me blow your mind really quick – you’re still reading this because you may or may not have been in the same boat I was before as well. So read on…!

Evernote can:

  • House multiple tabs and notebooks
  • Take pictures (from phone or laptop of course)
  • Take audio notes
  • Make pancakes
  • Sync all of these actions between multiple devices (phone, tablet, and computer device)

In reality, the main draw for me was the ability to sync between more than one device. If I could help you reduce the amount of notebooks and whatnot that you carry through one simple device, I think I’ve done my job. [Imagine if Evernote could make pancakes though. It would be tremendous.]

Quick & Easy Tips

  • Use multiple notebooks and house different articles under said sections
  • Use tags to group certain ideas together, similar to blogpost tags
  • The ability to email via Evernote is a useful feature when you want to share ideas with others
    • instead of saving a file, locating it, and attaching it – all you have to do here is email the whole note itself!
  • Likewise you can also create shared links to either the general public or have them accessible only by links

How I Use This in My Business:

  • Having one easy to access source of files, whether it is health history, training programs, or article ideas.
  • Scanning and photographing health forms reduces the amount of paperwork I need to carry around.
  • Tremendous capability for formatting, which opens up Microsoft Word and Excel properties (in reference to Exercise Programs)
  • Allows attachments of files and photographs.
  • Static Postural Assessment photos FROM Evernote allow me to easily see is going on with a client’s body in reference to their own specific movement assessment.

Totally wrote this whole article on Evernote!

Who Will This Help:

  • Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches
    • I believe this will help the traveling personal trainer and strength coach immensely. From having audio notes to jotting down notes on an iPhone or Android, Evernote can literally sync ideas together for one streamlined thought process – which is helpful if you are busy or travel quite a bit.
  • Students
    • Note-taking skills will be taken to a whole new level with this bad boy on your laptop/phone!
  • Writers/Bloggers
    • File saving in an offline mode
    • Sync up anywhere using wi-fi (Starbucks, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts, the gas station, etc)
    • Upload your files to the interwebz!
  • Directors & Managers
    • Note sharing allows multiple users “in” on one notebook

Having the ability to sync is great, you get it. But sharing files amongst peers is another aspect that is often underutilized. Allowing open sharing, where people can modify or edit an existing project, is a huge time saver as well. I was certainly hesitant to use Evernote at first. Previously I would take postural assessments with a Flip Cam, write down what I saw on a separate notebook, and store that physical file elsewhere in my stash of already growing files. Now I can do all of that in one file, and share it with other fitness professionals if necessary! Awesome.

Let me lay out one more scenario where Evernote can help out: besides having Microsoft Word like capabilities and formatting options (because let’s be honest, who uses the Clip Art from Word?), it is doubly useful to write articles while not being synced up online. We’ve all been there – we have a 2000 word article all ready and steaming hot for the interwebz, and when we press “Send” from our browser’s blogsite … there is an error. I’ve wasted many a night losing sleep about this scenario, and I vowed I would never let it happen again. Thus, Evernote.

Now if you’re like myself, you’ve probably stumbled upon Evernote already at some point in your geeky internet career. But if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, you may need to tinker around with the settings to see what you like for yourself. So whether your specific job within the fitness industry has you assessing clients, speaking at seminars, managing other trainers, or simply working with your own athletes, Evernote can help streamline your thought process two fold, through tagging, taking photos, or simply allocating any idea to a notebook. It is a catch 22, having the ability to be rather open in terms of design, and at the same time having many different features available for use. The lucky thing is that this app can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be – nothing more, nothing less.


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