Thoughts on Hypermobility

It wasn’t until coming to Cressey Performance that I’ve run into a good chunkful of clients, athletes, and regular people who are hypermobile or display signs of hypermobility. The idea of hypermobility and having too much range of motion due to unchecked ligamentous and/or capsular laxity is something that is rather foreign to me. Although I thought it was always a cool party trick to have the ability to pop BOTH my shoulders out both posteriorly and anteriorly (subluxations!), this is actually too far down the extreme of “being loose,” with the other end of being much too “tight”, that you cannot touch your toes! Whether I was more predispositioned to choosing dancing and gymnastics type movements, or I chose it, there are good things and bad things about being hypermobile.



One thought on “Thoughts on Hypermobility

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