The 8 Most Unlikely Songs to Hype You Up

After coming up to Massachusetts and watching some really strong mofos lift heavy ass weights, I feel that, if anything, there is one defining feature that separates the boys from the men – music selection. You heard it here first. I can honestly say I’ve lifted and trained to almost every genre under the sun. When genres range from Black Sabbath to Jason Aldean, from The Notorious B.I.G. to classical piano to Katy Perry (definitely not lying on the last two genres), the selection is always up in the air at the start of the training day when you train at one of the top 21 most innovative gyms in the U.S,

Being a breakdancer and helping my brother DJ various venues, I understand what it means to control the crowd with certain songs and types of music. Imagine if you will – the bar is set, and you’re all chalked up and ready to go. You want to find a line between overexcitation and low stimulation – just enough to get you into “flow“.

Essentially, you need adequate auditory stimulation before lifting – music can not only affect your mood levels, but also inhibit or stimulate certain increases (or decreases) in heart rate, hormone release, and nervous system activation – just look to an example of a loud bang or screech in any setting and let me know if you felt a jump or heart rate spike…!


In reality, the lift will take approximately 1-10 seconds (depending on the amount of reps of course), but that doesn’t mean you’ll lift to any old tune – you’d rather wait for the next good song before attempting to move that heavy somma-b**ch.

CP Coach Greg Robins gettin after it…!


Seriously though, how many times can you listen to the same riffs and “UGH!” over and over again before you can say you are tired of RATM? (Answer: You never get tired of RATM.) In reality, if you’ve been lifting for any length of time, it is often finding the right mix of songs that can make or break a training session. Sometimes we need a mix of surprise and wonderment as to what the next selection will be (one reason why people choose Pandora Radio over others) – when you get that one tune that just hits you the right way, it is both a cacaphony of awesomeness and surge of adrenaline that energizes you, Super Saiyan Style.


With that being said, here are 8 of the most unlikely songs that I’ve lifted to recently that I didn’t think would hype me upand boy was I wrong (in no particular order):

[DISCLAIMER: I’ve lifted to some pretty far ranging music – it just so happens that most of the musical selections that follow are knee deep in the techno and dubstep genres. If you don’t enjoy it – that is fine. I just so happen to have never listened to dubstep intently for more than 2 seconds before coming up to Massachusetts/Cressey Performance.]

Skrillex – Bangarang
This song bursts with energy right from the beginning of the song straight through the end. If you need a pick me up before you lift… try this song out for size.


Ellie Goulding – Promises (Skrillex / Nero Remix)
This one is meant for more after your main lifts are done, as it is more chill/mellow, yet has a dubstep feel to it still. The soft singing performed by Ellie Goulding does something to calm the ego as well.

Avicii – Levels (IN REVERSE!!!)
-The Avicii (pronounced ah-vee-chee!song, Levels, is a crazy great song. It is even crazier that this song can both be listened to forwards and backwards.

Any Super Mash Bro’s Mix
-Brought to my attention by former high school baseball coach turned stud CP Intern Jay Kolster, these guys take a bunch of separate songs and literally mash them together to make a cacophony of sounds that somehow is decent. Now, this is a far cry from what any renowned DJ would endorse as his own, but for getting those lifting juices up in a jiffy, these gents’ music will do the trick.

Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise
Shouts to MCA. This song just makes everything so damn funky. Thank you Pandora radio for throwing this on my RATM Pandora Radio station. I think I was dancing for half of the song instead of doing back squats the first time I heard this. True story.

DJ Fleg – Otis Break 2012
-Granted this isn’t a straight up lifting song, but rather this is a straight up BREAKIN song, I couldn’t leave out some funkyness for the unbeknownst out there. DJ Fleg is a force to be reckoned with in regards to the DJing game, playing at different bboying jams all up and down the East Coast.


Wale – Ambition
-This is more of a song that I will play during the drive in towards the gym – whether I’m squatting, benching, or working on mobility, this is more of what I am accustomed to to get focused.


Viking Metal
-Yes you read that correctly. Not just any old metal – VIKING metal. Discovered through the Late Night CP Lifting session crew, CP Coach Greg Robins introduced this awesome genre to me and the crew many moons ago…

What are some of your recent musical discoveries that left you hyped up for a lift…? Leave a comment below and “like” this post from Facebook to let your friends know about these BOMBTASTIC songs!


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