Ways to Prepare for Change.

Change is difficult to accustom to, whether it is your own change that is occurring or change in those around you. The loss or addition of people, surroundings, and even an internal change is difficult to accept as well.

In my own case, the announcement that I have been alluding to in my some of my training log posts, is also involved with moving, leaving new friends that I just made, and jumping into a city and area where I have almost no contacts or semblance of “home”.

I’m moving on up… to the east side…!

Soon enough I’ll be interning at Cressey Performance, “a high-performance training facility designed by athletes for athletes.” I’m  very excited to be learning from the CP team, along with having the chance to interact with some of the highest levels of strength, fitness, and corrective exercise coaches out there in the strength and conditioning community.

The approach I make to my own life is having the adaptability and flexibility to jump from one point to the next. If I want to go somewhere for work or play, I can get there with zero worries. As I make this new transition, here are a few steps I have been practicing for quite some time to prepare me for any change really.

I. Practicing virtues such as humility, patience, restraint, and diligence in my life.

Continually practicing these virtues is difficult in the face of adversity, so I’ve been constantly reinforcing these ideas into my brain through several practices:

1. Watching Martial Arts movies and Kung Fu flicks on Netflix Daily.
-How does watching Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, and Jet Li help me prep for an internship? The stars of the movies often employ a sense of inspiration and hope, along with showing training clips of daily rituals to perfecting their craft. Many of these movies also have an inspiring message, or a message of humility, patience, and steadfastness inherently in the main theme of the movie. Not to mention some of the best fight scenes within the past decade of martial arts films.

-Ip Man 1 & 2
-Big Boss (Couldn’t leave this one out)
-Among many others

2. Studying, Reading, & Watching Seminars/DVDs
I’ve always felt that by observing how the best do what they do will allow me to make the correct decisions when it comes to my own practice. Also reading the right books based on the human body that we may not have learned about specifically in college or university has helped guide my practice when training clients of all different ages and abilities. Further, watching DVDs of other experts in the field with my co-workers has allowed me to specifically discuss and learn from others on how to better our practice of corrective exercise and strength/conditioning. More specifically, I have been absorbing these books and DVDs:

-Muscles: Testing & Function with Posture & Pain
-New Rules of Lifting for Life
-Charlie Weingroff’s – Training = Rehab Rehab = Training
-Functional Strength Coach 3 & 4
-Secrets of the Shoulder
-Secrets of the Hip & Knee
-Functional Movement Screen: Corrective Exercise

3. Following Ray Lewis’, Craig Ballantyne’s, and Jason Ferruggia’s Twitter for inspirational and motivational tweets, and constantly retweeting them.
-It is said that you as a person are made up of the 5 people that you surround yourself with – with the age of the internet and technology, surrounding yourself with a positive mindset (and negative if taken the wrong way) is just as easy. Follow the people who are where you want to be, and take what is necessary, and discard the rest. I can’t imagine what Bruce Lee’s Twitter would be like if he was still alive!

4. Bugging my boss Brian Bott on all knowledge regarding corrective exercise, powerlifting, nutrition, and how to get sun burned like a champ. Serious note, his application of all knowledge regarding exercise and movement science is amazing, as his ability to figure out chords on a guitar. His rendition of Call Me Maybe is nothing to scoff at.

5. Constantly listening to Kanye West. I’m not quite sure on how this directly helps, but I am hoping the amount of swag he has will spill over to me via auditory-osmosis through his music. Ask everyone I’ve lived with, or who has seen my Spotify playlist – all Kanye. A few Jay-Z, some Mos. But seriously… mostly Kanye. In all seriousness, his music hits home with the inspiration and motivation to continue on past the points we all struggle with, and often exercises his own stories in many of his earlier music.

II. The next couple steps don’t have to do directly with virtue, but rather on what I do to live on my own, as many kids these days don’t know what to do if food doesn’t present themselves on the dinner table right off the bat.

1. Using the tools available to me; namely my Ninja Blender. Bringing it along because well… I’m a ninja, according to Strength Coach Tony Bonvechio. Who wouldn’t want to make salsa, guac, and protein shakes on the fly? Something is fishy if I can do all that with one device. Don’t diss the Ninja Blender. And it is better than the Magic Bullet.

2. Learning to cook… or in this case perfecting my one hit wonder Filipino dish – Picadillo. Nothing hits quite like home like a home-cooked meal, and topping it off with some San Miguel Dark Lager.

This PWO dish might need some Sriracha sauce…

3. Minimalist Living
-I’m pretty sure I won’t need my board shorts while I’m up in good ol’ Hudson, MA during the fall/early winter so I opted for some colder gear. I don’t need a bunch of “stuff” – many of the books I have are now e-books and/or blogs. I can only wear a finite amount of clothing before I travel anyway, as I’ll be working and interning at the same time. I’m perfectly fine having a handful of shirts, one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, two pairs of shoes, and a MacBook Air (13″). I’m set to rock and roll and travel anywhere with this luggage. As a fitness buff, I have been practicing bodyweight training/skills for quite some time now as well. After that, all I really need is food, but I haven’t quite mastered how to hunt for food in Massachusetts yet…

4. Practicing Intermittent Fasting
-As a coach, there are times when getting a full blown meal post workout isn’t feasible. And after working for a few years as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, it is difficult at times to block out times just for meals, when those times just so happen to be during peak hours in any gym or fitness facility. So what have I done to solve this problem? For the past year or so, I’ve been practicing Intermittent Fasting, more specifically The Renegade Diet, and I’ve accustomed myself to not eating for hours on end while staying on my game with 100% focus.


Practicing all of the above has allowed me to make some radical changes in my life in a very quick timeframe. If you told me at the beginning of this year that I would be moving twice, get paid to write for a blog, put up over 200 YouTube videos in less than 3 months timeframe, along with working with the very people whose blogs I’ve been following online, I would tell you you’re crazy mon, Caribbean accent and all. But it’s happening, and this train isn’t stopping anytime soon. Like Will Smith has said before

My father used to say all the time, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” So if you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready, and that is how I run my life. Just stay ready.

What kind of changes have you made in your own life recently? How else can you prepare for change in your life? Like/Share/Comment this post if you enjoyed it or gained some insight on change!


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