5 Tips for Increasing Your Creative Mojo

We’ve covered why we need to keep being creative to improve bboying. So what are some actionable steps we can take to keep creativity the name of the game, in regards to movement?

Staying injury free.
This is a lot easier said than done, as many of bboying’s movements are lauded and praised as the movements get riskier and more extreme on the body’s joints and spine. Find your movement that will avoid excessive stress on the small joints such as wrists, fingers, toes, and ankles. This step, along with avoiding excessive stress to the spine, will allow a bboy to stay in the game for longer durations. Live to dance another day.

Cross Training:
-Along with the previous step comes cross training – developing the body awareness to perform advanced movements can and should be developed through proper weight training and bodyweight exercise techniques. Whether it is ring dips, single leg training, or lifting to get strong, body awareness and developing the somatic senses along with proprioception. Some of the best gymnasts have dabbled in bboy moves, along with martial artists, trickers, and many other types of creativity-based arts and sports.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoqpkoSmzEI]

Get a teacher.
-A good way to ensure you are properly performing the exercises is by performing movements correctly. As there are no official certifications that say “I know what I’m doing as a bboy instructor,” word of mouth and joining crews will have to suffice. Further, getting a teacher will surely advance your movements, as no one should have to endure bruised hips for months on end when learning windmills, or stiff wrists when practicing flares or turtles.

Staying fresh.
-This is no slang, yo. Staying fresh requires watching your diet, acquiring adequate sleep, and maintaining a fresh CNS for all the bodyweight movements. Some days are dragging, some days are energetic, some days are just clocking the hours into the dance. Staying fresh by utilizing the latter two more so than the first option is the idea, as being alert and aware is night and day when you are creating and practicing new movements. If you are tired and dancing, your moves will reflect tired and dancing, and your body will remember what tired feels like instead of being alert.

Gotta stay fresh.

Challenge yourself.
-I usually like to train alone, and I find that I discover my best moves when in isolation. Always discover and always create and recreate your moves. Discover a new way to get down to the ground, or a new transition for those power moves. Once you have a move set down pat, figure out different ways to transition into and out of the move set. Keep it fresh, keep it funky, and don’t get comfortable with the same moves you’ve been doing since ’93. Instead, challenge your comfort levels and develop new ways to go beyond your physical and mental limits.

Follow these few steps to recreate movement for yourself in more ways than one! These guidelines can even be used for other forms of movement, whether it is tricking, running or even powerlifting.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONnVmt0NQt8]
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