School of Hard Knocks and Hustle

Here are a few lessons that I can respect and appreciate from another lifetime…

1. Practice deliberately.
-Punch in the clock, and do meaningful work. Have a higher purpose, and strive every day, every hour, towards achieving that purpose. Eliminate wasteful actions, like watching Lost, playing Temple Run, or browsing Facebook feeds all day. Meaningful work could take on several definitions, perhaps creating a healthier version of yourself through exercise and healthy meals, or getting that second or third job to help pay rent or pay off your loans faster. Whatever the purpose, strive to get there with deliberate actions.

2. Practice starts at home.
-This goes for any habit, whether it is cleaning the bed before you go off for the day, or fixing your attitude when things go awry at home. The more practice you get before “it counts” in an adult life, the more time you get becoming an expert at your habits and crafts. This goes double for eliminating bad habits as well. If you have bad habits like smoking and boozing to destress, it might work in the very short term at relaxing you, but in the long term could terribly affect your body if you take action on those emotional triggers. Remember, you can’t control how others act, but you can certainly control how you REact to those actions. Choosing the appropriate outlet or response is key.

For those of us who are well into our habits, perhaps reducing our needs for certain items or things (and desires overall) will help create more space within our forefront to better build habits. Like Bruce Lee has said before…

3. Sharpen your saw
-Stay on point. Never lose your edge. Always be one step ahead of the rest in all practices. Whether that requires moving to another location to increase your expertise, or continually challenging your comfort zone to achieving your goals, just get it done to better yourself, your craft, and to help others around you.

4. Shared experiences.
-Create stories and be human around every opportunity given to you. When in doubt, make someone laugh.

5. Sacrifice for the greater majority.
-Hustle to make other lives better. We are missing a major human part about this life if all we can think about is ourselves and our own desires. I keep on referencing Will Smith, so I’ll remind you to check out some of my previous posts for that clip on his insights that he has gained over time.


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