22 Ideas to Push Your Comfort Zone

mashup or bootleg[1] (also meshmash upmash-upblend and bastard pop/rock) is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another. (source: Mash-Up – Wikipedia)

In the traditional sense, a mash-up would grab one or two songs, good or bad, and the idea is to recreate or blend the two to create a new song. In this case, here are a a mash-up of ideas that can lead to a wider horizon of view points and opinions on different subjects. Use these small, subtle, yet game-changing ideas to push your comfort zone and develop a better you.

1. Weight (fat) loss is simple; understanding the reasons behind your habits isn’t [easy].
2. Move in ways that your body isn’t used to in order to accelerate yourself physically, mentally, and yes, emotionally.

3. Take time out of your day to breathe, and reflect.
4. Stop wasting time doing things you hate.
5. Listen to music outside of your comfort zone, and really reflect and see if you enjoy it. It may be one of those “things” where you need two or three listens before you realize it isn’t all that bad.

6. Incorporate fasting into your day to accelerate your physical goals.
7. Limit your coffee intake to one black coffee in the morning to get you started.
8. Start eating breakfast if you are skimping on the calories.
9. Switch out traditional carbs (bread, pasta, rice) for veggies in all your meals.
10. Read a book you don’t agree with.
11. Sleep before 11pm every night.
12. Organize your e-mail with filters and spam blocking.
13. Wake up with the sunrise every morning.

14. Take a multivitamin and fish-oil daily.
15. Learn a new language, and practice it with others daily.
16. Buy lunch for a friend, with no expectation of the favor being returned.
17. Take a 2 minute shower. (What do you do in the shower for 30 minutes anyway…?)
18.  Use RescueTime.com to improve your internet browsing habits.
19. Use Mint.com to help with budgets.
20. Get in your own way when it comes to negative habits.
21. Perform deliberate practice.
22. Plan for your future, enjoy the present, and don’t forget your roots.


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