Beach Workout – Off Day

After a grueling bench press workout yesterday (2 hours long…!), I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine in good old Highlands, NJ. It is a beautiful 70 degrees out. Not much else to say, but I wanted to workout outside and get some Vitamin D in my system. [Can you believe I’ve been living here for more than 2-3 weeks and I haven’t been to the beach yet? Yeah… me either. So I definitely wanted to change it up, and instead of watching Netflix by myself I went outside like a normal person!]

KB + Beach

16KG KB + TRX Workout – 5 Exercise Circuit
3sets x 20reps/Exercise
1a. 1H KB Swing (using 2 KBs threw me WAY off balance… went with 1H swings)
1b.  Hands on Kettlebell Handles Push-Ups (a lot more difficult than it sounds in the sand!)
1c. Double KB Front Squat
1d. TRX Row
1e. TRX Fallout / KB Windmill (10/10)

Rest as needed to take in the awesome view and fresh air.

I hope there are more days like this! I’ll be nice and super dark (FOB!) and you’ll be nice and jealous.


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