ME Upper Body – 4.13.12

Bench Day!

1. Bench Press – 4’s @ 9RPE (with 5% Drop)
205×4 – 10RPE
195×4 – A bunch

2. Close Grip Incline Bench Press – 5’s @ 10RPE (with 5% Drop)
155×5 – 10RPE
150×5 – A bunch

3. Chin-Ups – A bunch (Chose to hit 30 total reps – 12, 11, 7)

4a. DB Incline Bench Press – 3×10 @ 45lbs (50lbs x 8reps for 2nd set)
4b. DB Seated Cleans – 3×10 @ 15lbs

I noticed my form and technique improved the longer I benched during those 2 hours. Neurological adaptation within a small window of time resulting in lower perceived exertion rates? Good cueing going on in my brain? A combination of both…? Or just bro science going on…?


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