Off Day

Back home for the week from work in North Jersey.

Decent day outside (it isn’t raining [X] and it isn’t below 50 [X]) = I’m training outside.

I considered that since I have a 5k at the end of the week, I decided to run for a bit.

1.3 mile run at whatever pace (just to break back into my Vibrams)

Unilateral Training [Quad Dominant] – Circuit
1a. Front Squat or Racked Grip 26#x2 x 60-65 reps (approximately 150yards)
1b. Farmer’s Walk (Racked Carry) back 150yards
2a. Jump Rope (Skipped up and back 150yards)
2b. Afterwards did 50 fast jump ropes

Repeat circuit 2x.

What did you do to take one more step towards your goals today, even on this day of rest? 


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