Getting Ready

…for the Renegade Seminar in Watchung, NJ. It is up north from where I currently am located, so I couldn’t pass on attending this seminar for the 2nd time.

Can’t wait to meet with like-minded individuals. Need to clear out some space on my handy-dandy Flip Cam, and maybe show off a little new tech gadgets at the same time.

My itinerary is: Chill out and have fun! I’ve been reading Jason Ferruggia‘s information for quite some time, even joining his amazing Inner Circle, where a bunch of like-minded individuals are joined at the hip and perform amazing feats of strength…. Maybe not so much joined at the hip, but many members are indeed performing amazing feats of strength. Join up – you won’t regret it at such a low price (in comparison to hiring a Personal Trainer!). Anyway, Ferruggia has been a big inspiration to me, not only helping me get bigger, but also professionally. This guy has his stuff straight, and I can only hope to achieve what he has and more! So hopefully I don’t get all wheezy and asthmatic when I meet him, not saying that I do that when I meet celebrities… (Quest Crew, other famous bboys, etc!).

These last few days have been somewhat taxing for myself, as I’m hoping to announce a few big things in the coming weeks. I don’t want to overhype anything, but just realize that I may be able to better serve my purpose and mission in bigger ways than I imagined soon enough.

I’m off to pack my delicates, snacks, and notebooks (I plan on taking notes on ze iPad!). Hopefully I will gain some wisdom from these fellas…!

Seacrest, out (until I get to the hotel… then I get free Wi-Fi (hopefully!)).


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