DE Lower Body – 1.28.12

SMR, Lacrosse Ball, Frog Squats, Glute Activation Drills

1a. Conventional Deads
255×9 (Last rep was ugly, not counting it)
Gives me an estimated 1RM of 330 (340 with the last ugly one). I’m glad Powerlifting isn’t endurance related because that last one sucked.
1b. Box Jumps – 3×3 – 30″
-Last set went for single leg jumps up to 30″.

2a. Barbell Hip Thrusts – 3×6 @ 225lbs
2b. Close Grip Chin-Ups – 3×8 @ BW

3. Full Contact Twist – 3×10 @ 20lb, 25lbs

Something about morning workouts that always get me fired up for the rest of my day…


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