FG Bench Press

Me, Larry (Brick House)

Foam Roll, T-Mob, Plyo Push-Ups, Teres Minor SMR

Fat Gripz Bench Press

-Worked up to 210

-Failed at 210. Probably could have retried for 2!

Neutral Grip Chin-Up


Fat Gripz Military Press

-Worked up to 125×5

Neutral Grip Chin-Up


Met with a client for a program @ work!

I need to block off more time…. Say 2 hours to get everything in.

Met up with a nice gentleman by the name of Larry, who wanted to swap in on bench and just jumped in on the rest of the training session. Just wanted to leave a comment on how well stacked he was, mentioning how he has his own power rack and works out at home. Wouldn’t mind having my own rack and weight stacks to lift with and get better results…!


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