Sick & Tired

Recently had a sickness for the past 3-4 days. Just feeling better now. Not sure what it was, as family tried to diagnose it (“Oh it HAS to be this since it wasn’t that!), friends pushed me away, and docs had no idea either. All I know is that it ended up with me in the Emergency Room on Sunday night, with me being unable to sleep causing me to go there. Thank you everyone for putting up with my antics.

That didn’t stop me from making up my missed deadlift day on Friday, and combining it with my Squat day on Monday (since I figure it will be too close to make up for either, I combined both).

1a. Conventional Deads – 5RM
Worked up to 275×5 (Legit 5RM; No Belt, Socks, No Chalk)
1b. Box Jumps – 30in. 3×3

2a. GHR (Lat Pulldown Machine) – 3×10 BW
2b. Front Squat – 135×5 (6/6 tempo), 175×5 (6/6 tempo)

Called it before I passed out before work.

I really need to get back to 4 day lifting program. It keeps me accountable and on point, and I feel like I get the best gains out of it. Even if it is really 3 day with the 4th day just being the first lift.


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